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 I need someone from the City of Roma to help me

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18/08/2014 01:10:16
Q8iphoney (dal 05/12/11)
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How are you
Brothers needed someone from the city of Roma to help me
There are people from Italy, specifically Roma City you purchase a product from him, but he does not want to send him to the outside person receives and sends me to the United States or the United Kingdom and I will pay him the value shipping + special commission from him can talk to me
18/08/2014 10:11:19
kilik (dal 16/02/11)

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Hi Q8iphoney,
I`m sorry but, maybe due to my poor English, I did not completely get the scenario.
Basically, if I`m not mistaken, you would like to purchase something from a seller living in Rome that is not willing to ship overseas, so you are looking for someone, living in Italy, able to finalize the transaction in your behalf and then mail out the item to you in the US?
If so, by rule, here on the website, initiation or hunt for private contact between users is not allowed.
Just in case you had already transactions with users here, then in theory you should have their private contact and could ask them straight.
But, in case you are looking for new contacts here, specifically on this post, I`m sorry, but this not a viable option.
Hope this has been informative for you.
Good luck then


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