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 Find products medicos ( mazinger + getter ) help me plz

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04/11/2014 06:09:37
Q8iphoney (dal 05/12/11)
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hi how are u my friend :)

Find products medicos ( mazinger + getter ) help me plz

Who has a product and would like to sell it can be with him on the agreed price

Wait for your response
04/11/2014 19:49:01
Chrome Skull (dal 14/10/11)

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Hi Q8iphoney

If you are searching for something you have to create a search topic in the section "MERCATINO / Ricerche"

In order of create the topic follow the instruction written here

How do I post a "Ricerche" request please?

But on GV you can buy and sell only toys in a italian box , while those which don`t have an original italian box is must be at least 15 years old.

So if the products are made after 1999 you can not search them on GV

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